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The color of the product is very subtle, it interferes little with the color of the makeup itself, but the diamond color has a fine and delicate satin, a colder undertone that tends towards white, just like the rarest diamonds.


Hydra Glam Glow is a moisturizer developed to be used on all skin types in addition to helping to perform the armored skin technique.


The glow version has the same formula as the traditional Hydra Glam, but we added a beautiful glow that will give a more glamorous and satiny touch to your skin and your makeup.

In its composition we have a generous concentration of Hyaluronic Acid providing intensive hydration and Phytofuse Renew, popular Desert Rose, an excellent film former, soothing and protective of the skin, leaving the skin protected even from daily pollution. We also added seaweed extracts, these active ingredients were chosen to make up Hydra Glam and improve softness, hydration, protection and visibly generate more radiant and velvety skin.



Apply a pump or more and spread with your fingers or a brush over the entire area, reinforce in the driest areas, let the skin absorb it.