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Concealer created to create the armored skin technique created by Natanne Rosa. It illuminates, hides imperfections, leaves your makeup ultra-resistant. Product with very light to medium coverage, satin appearance. It is completely waterproof, with high durability, resistance to friction and grease. All of this, ensuring a natural and vibrant skin appearance. As it is a light product, expression lines are not very visible.


As it is a very light product, remember that to correct dark circles, the colored shades PEACH, TANGERINE and ORANGE must be used.


If you need help choosing the tone, call us via the WhatsApp button here on the website.


Vitamin E for the skin also smoothes signs and fine lines, in addition to acting as an inhibitor in the production of collagenase, an enzyme that destroys collagen, which in turn is responsible for giving firmness to our skin, along with elastin. . Vitamin E also has moisturizing benefits and helps strengthen the skin's natural barrier. As it is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can also help to soothe supersensitive skin.



Apply the product to the skin with the applicator, or with the help of a brush. Dab with a makeup sponge for a more even finish (a wet sponge makes the finish even more beautiful)


If you want more coverage, reapply the product, creating a second layer, but apply the second layer immediately, before drying. Furthermore, the shielded concealer does not need to be touched up throughout the day, as it is shielded.

To correct dark circles, use colored shades:

  • 10 PEACH (for light skin tone)
  • 11 TANGERINE (for medium tone skin)
  • 12 ORANGE (for black skin)


Apply the colored concealer corresponding to your skin. Don't wait for it to dry, and then apply the concealer to match your skin tone on top. Remember that to create layers, they must be done while still wet, do not let them dry between one layer and another.


It is interesting to seal, to have a more comfortable and even more resistant result.



Agua; Ciclopentasiloxano; Trimetilsiloxisilicato; Dióxido de T itãnio (e) Isopropil T itânio Triisoestearato; PEG-10 Lauril Tris (Trimethilsiloxisililetil) Dimeticone; Disteardimonio Hectorita (e) Ciclopentasiloxano (e) Alcool Denaturado; Ciclopentasiloxano (e) Dimeticone/Vinil Crospolímero de Dimeticone; Butilenoglicol; Amido de Aluminio Octenilsuccinato; Cloreto de Sódio; Dimeticone; Estearato de Magnésio; Vitamina E Acetato; Fenoxietanol; Fluorphlogopita Sintética (e) Dióxido de Titânio (e) Óxido de Ferro (e) Tin Oxido; Essência. Pode Conter: CI 77492; CI 77499; CI77491.

Bulletproof Concealer 8 Dolina Milagrosa